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A nurse is caring for a client who received afterload internal radiotherapy (brachytherapy) for treatment of uterine cancer. A nurse manager evaluates that the nurse uses correct hazardous material precautions when noting that the nurse does which of the following?

A 1-foot distance increases the nurse’s chance of exposure to the radiation. A nurse standing 2 feet away from the source of radiation receives only 1/4 as much exposure as when standing only 1 foot away.

In afterload radiation therapy, the radioactive substance is inserted in the client’s private hospital room after prepared applicators have been placed in surgery. Exposure to radiation is controlled by minimizing the time spent with the client.

Linens should be kept in the room until the radioactive source is removed and the room is swept with a radiation detector to assess for spills or contamination. After clearance, the linens may be sent to the laundry.

Lead gloves and aprons are insufficient to block gamma rays during brachytherapy. Dosimetry badges measure the amount of radiation exposure and is not a precaution.