BMLE QBank (Bahrain Medical Licensing exam), commonly known as NHRA QBank and are organised by NHRA  (National Health Regulatory Authority) in Bahrain.

BMLE QBank offers very best selected NHRA Exam questions and answers with detailed explanations for every choice (whether it is correct or Incorrect). Following Qbank is perfect for General Practitioners who wishes to practice in Bahrain. These questions are ideal for Prometric Bahrain medical exams.

BMLE Qbank contains over 4500 MCQs in following subjects.

Internal Medicine Emergency Medicine MCQ
Cardiology MCQ Family Medicine MCQ
Endocrinology MCQ Community Medicine MCQ
Gastroenterology MCQ General Surgery MCQ
Hematology & Oncology MCQ Obstetrics and Gynaecology MCQ
Infectious Disease MCQ Pediatrics MCQ
Nephrology MCQ Psychiatry MCQ
Neurology MCQ ENT MCQ
Pulmonology MCQ Ophthalmology MCQ
Rheumatology MCQ Dermatology MCQ
Urology MCQ Anesthesia & Critical Care MCQ